As with all charitable organisations nowadays, we need to ensure we have enough funds available to provide all our children with the appropriate materials and equipment to provide a safe and healthy environment for the Company. We therefore need to organise regular fundraising activities to generate income for the Company. We do have our regular bills to pay such as hall rental, insurance and matriculation costs so we need to manage our finances carefully.

We do charge each of our boys an annual £20 enrolment fee for the whole year which is set by National BB HQ. In addition, we ask each of our boys to pay a weekly fee of £2 to ensure we can provide refreshments, materials and everyday items for all our activities. We still believe this offers excellent value for money. Any additional trips, e.g. yearly trip to Abernethy for Junior Section boys is paid for by parents.

If you would like to help with our fundraising , please contact the Company Captain directly. All help and ideas are warmly welcomed.

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